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Truth teller or Buffalo basher?

Last fall, Harvard University economics professor Edward L. Glaeser created
a buzz when he wrote an article about Buffalo's decline for the urban policy
magazine City Journal. Titled "Can Buffalo Ever Come Back? Probably not - and
goverment should stop bribing people to stay there," the article traces the city's
rise, fall, and attempts at resurgence.
     The article urges the city to stop "wasting yet more effort and resources on
the foolish project of restoring the City of Light's past glory."
     Its first publication, and a subsequent one in The New York Sun newspaper,
sparked a lively Internet debate. Many charged Glaeser with arrogance. Some said
he misunderstood Buffalo's efforts completely. A few supported his descriptions of
and suggestions for Buffalo, while still others said his findings were old news.
     What's your take?

--Samantha Maziarz Christmann

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