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Do as I say ...

It seems Gov. Paterson isn't practicing the fiscal restraint he seeks from others.

This from the Rochester D&C:

Paterson's executive chamber spent nearly $1.4 million more in the first quarter of the fiscal year than former Gov. Eliot Spitzer did in the first quarter of last year's budget, a review of state records shows.

And Paterson has bumped up his staff since taking office March 17, adding six more workers to the executive branch for 202 employees — larger than the lieutenant governor and governor's offices combined under Spitzer, according to state comptroller records.

The number of executive chamber employees making more than $100,000 a year also grew, from 59 in March under Spitzer to 62 in July under Paterson.

The guv would no doubt help his case if he lead by example on this issue.


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