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Sharing crime data with citizens

Mayor Byron Brown has ordered his police department to adandon its practice of stripping key information from crime reports and increased the number of personnel authorized to speak to reporters. Bravo.

Let's not stop there. A number of police departments across the nation are using the World Wide Web to disseminate crime report information. There's nothing stopping Buffalo -- and a whole lot of other local local departments -- from getting onboard.

Check out these sites:, a site that Buffalo Police Commissioner H. McCarthy Gipson expressed some interest in May. Not enough timely information for reporters working on deadline, but it gives citizens a window into what's happening in their neighborhood.

Philadelphia Police Department

A sample page from DailyCrimeReport, which looks like it operates independent from police agencies.

A template from EveryBlock, which provides citizens in a small but growing number of cities a range of hyperlocal information, including crime.

Then there's my favorite crime site, not exactly relevant, but a lot of fun.

Meanwhile, here's what you get from the Buffalo police. And Amherst. And Cheektowaga. Not exactly rich in useful content for citizens wanting to know what's going on in their neighborhood.

If you know of other good sites, please post a comment below with the link.


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