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Therrien obstructing questions

PITTSBURGH -- You've got to hand it to Penguins coach Michel Therrien. He had something to say, and he was going to find a way to say it no matter what the media wanted to hear. Here's today's exchange:

Reporter: You mentioned before the nervousness of 19- and 20-year-olds in the Stanley Cup final. Do you think your team maybe gets more of a boost by the crowd here than maybe Detroit does at home?

Therrien: It's tough to say. It's tough to say. It seems like we skate well.

The last game, before the game I was complaining about the obstruction. And for good reason. For good reason. I can't sit here and say there's no obstruction. I'm not going to lie. If there's obstruction, there's obstruction. If there's no obstruction, there's no obstruction. When I see this about 13, 14 clips that I've seen that I could tell there should be a penalty regarding the book, I'm expecting I know how it is. I'm not expecting they're going to call 14. The last game was a little bit better. But there's still places to improve. But that's the truth.

It's not something that I'm preaching. It's something that we base our team with speed. And if we can allow us to use our speed, we're going to get effect. And that's normal. I'm expecting next game the obstruction call, they're going to call it. I still believe there's some space to improve again. Because I saw when you break down the game, I know it's a fast game. When you break down the game, you'll see that there's a few times that they should have been called. And calls are important. You need those calls. If you don't get those calls at the right time, it could change the momentum of the game. And you could send a power play at the right time. If the right call is made and you could get that big goal, get some momentum to your team. When you don't have it, it could be tough. And that's why it's crucial. You need breaks to win hockey games. Obviously you need effort and all those types of things. But in the meantime, you need to get the right calls.

Reporter: I appreciate that answer. I was asking more about do you think your team, being as young as they are, get a boost from the crowd here at Mellon arena as opposed to maybe Detroit feeding off that at home?

Therrien: I understand your question, but I want to say my point, too. (Laughter.) We like our crowd. (Laughter.)

---John Vogl


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John Vogl

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