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Be Nice to Sabres

I just heard that one of the Sabres actually asked our beat reporter, John Vogl, to write more positive stories and help boost team morale. Wow. It's pretty sad when hockey players are asking media members to be cheerleaders. From what I'm told, this was no joke. It was a genuine plea for us to be nicer. The team had just gone winless in 10 games. What are we supposed to say? The fact is, the Sabres have gotten a lot softer treatment than a team would in a bigger market.

Gee, now I'm having second thoughts about the poll on Most Overrated Sabre. It might hurt some players' feelings and cause the team to go on a long winless streak. Speaking of the poll, I'm a little surprised to see Ryan Miller in the lead. But it goes to show you that goalies are held to a high standard. Miller's numbers (goals-against, save percentage) have been consistently average the past three years. He's good, not great, basically a reflection of the team that surrounds him.


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