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Boo The Owner

I checked out Vogl's blog on whether fans should boo Chris Drury on Saturday night and was amazed to find sentiment leaning squarely against one of the best leaders ever to play pro sports in this town. Apparently, fans want to believe that Drury "misled" management and never wanted to stay in Buffalo. If you buy that, fine, but remember you're talking about one of the most honorable guys in hockey. If you think Bucky Gleason goes overboard on Drury, think back to his days in Buffalo, when fans gushed about his competitive character at every turn. At least Bucky is consistent and objective about the situation. It's more convenient for fans to turn on a guy once he's out of town. It's easier than having to grapple with the reality of the situation.

Just keep one thing in mind. If you boo Drury, you're cheering for Tom Golisano. As one blogger suggested, the best strategy might be to sit and do nothing. You know, like the Sabres management when they have a chance to tie up prospective free agents a year in advance.


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