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Kiffin to Syracuse?

Syracuse coach Greg Robinson is as good as gone. It's astonishing how bad the Orangemen have become over the last couple of years. The latest rumor has embattled Oakland Raiders coach Lane Kiffin as a potential replacement. Kiffin could be fired at any time by owner Al Davis, who feels his 33-year-old coach has been guilty of insubordination. Kiffin has told the media in the Bay Area that he is being undermined by Davis and his defensive coordinator, Rob Ryan.

It'll be interesting to see what today at One Bills Drive. The opposing coach talks to the Buffalo media as part of the Wednesday media session. I wonder if Kiffin will take part, and if he does, how he will manage to sidestep the issue of his job security.  He might be fired during the day. Reports out of Oakland say it would be a bad time to pull the trigger, but that Davis is capable of anything at this point.

As for Robinson, I would fire him on the spot. Syracuse needs to send a message that the embarrassment has gone too far. So what if it's during the season? How could things get any worse on the Hill? Losing by two touchdowns to Akron? Oh, that already happened. Blown out at home by Penn State? Not a single player picked in the NFL draft? The rumor mill suggests that if Kiffin becomes available, Syracuse might make the move in-season because Kiffin would be ready to take over right away. 


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