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Young and Immature

Poor Vince Young. He gets booed and suffers a knee injury and he's thinking of quitting football. Does he think he's the first NFL quarterback who was held to a high standard by the fans and media? His mother, Felicia, told a Tennessee newspaper that her little boy is tired of all the negativity over his play. Then Titans coach Jeff Fisher had to call the police to search for Young on Monday.

And you wonder why people get disgusted with today's athletes. Young is being paid millions of dollars to play pro football. He was coddled and pampered in his wildly successful college career. This sounds like another case of a guy who hasn't experienced much failure in his life and can't deal with it. Hey, Vince, it's tough being an NFL quarterback. People expect a lot, especially when you're the No. 3 pick in the draft and have ungodly physical talent. It takes time to master the position and, yes, it can be unfair the way people expect too much too soon. Ask Tarvaris Jackson or Aaron Rodgers, or J.P. Losman.

But grow up, for God's sake. How about all the young guys out there struggling to simply make a living in a country where decent-paying jobs are harder and harder to find? You don't think they'd like to find out what it's like to be booed while raking in a few hundred thousand bucks a game? I'm sure someone will chime in with the predictable perspective on how I should go easy on Vince because he had it so tough as a kid. Maybe I'm missing something here, but Young is a pro and he ought to act like one.

Last fall, when Young was having his troubles on the field, I asked some people who they would rather have at that point: Young or the Bills' Trent Edwards. In light of these developments, I'll put that question out there to the readership. Who would you rather have right now, Edwards or Young? I know I'm playing to a Buffalo-friendly audience, but I'm interested in how people think.


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