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Precious Words to a Warrior’s Mother

Today as I sit here in my empty home the silence is deafening.  The other boys left for school earlier and this is the time of day when I sit down and type away in my journal and for our blog.  It is also the time of day when my oldest and I would touch base and chat.

Today like everyday since January 3, there is no one here to chat with.  No one to tell me about the grand plans for his life or to crack a joke that brings me to my knees with laughter and no one to tease me about my attire.  No one to ask me for a favor or complain about the dinner selection, but most of all there is no one to tell me “I love you Big Mama” as he walks out the door. Unless you have ever placed your baby in harm’s way, you can never begin to understand the pain that surrounds a mother’s heart when you send your baby off to war. 

War is ugly, painful and difficult for those directly affected by it.  No soldier wants war.  It was General Douglas MacArthur who said it best, "The Soldier above all others prays for peace, for he must suffer and bear the deepest scars of war."

No Mother or Father wants war especially, for our children.  We spend years protecting, guiding and loving our children with a desire for them to have a bright, loving and peaceful life.  We (military parents) serve in silence with our children, standing quietly in the shadows of their world.

War is something that the human race has been dealing with for many years.  I was a child during the Vietnam War, but I still have memories of it.  Memories of news footage roll through my mind.  I remember watching the TV as the soldiers were being filmed riding on the back of a truck waving to the camera while they headed off to some remote area.  I remember the words of a soldier waving and saying Hi Mom.  As a child, I though nothing of the importance of those simple words, but as a Mother I cherish them. 

Like any Mom, those childhood memories have stayed with me.  As a Military Mom, at times those memories haunt me.  Today, I find myself hanging onto my computer instead of the news channel.  My computer is the first thing I look at when I roll out of bed and the last thing I view before I go to sleep.  WHY???  I’m looking for the Hi Mom.  I just want two little words to know that my baby is ok.  Sure we would love to get a full detail of the day’s events from our babies, but in reality there are days when it would be more than we as mothers could bear to hear.  For now I am grateful for a “Hi Mom….I’m OK. I miss you and love you!!  Love, Your Boy”. 

Just precious words to any Military Mothers!

-- Christine Steward is the mother of Army National Guard Sgt. Jon Aisel, a medic in Afghanistan



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