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No time for boredom

I have come to Afghanistan to work at a Troop Medical Clinic (TMC). I fill prescriptions for soldiers from many branches of the service - Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines. I also prepare medications for sick or injured civilian contractors, foreign forces, and for Afghan residents.

This two weeks has been very busy in the pharmacy.  I am never bored! I find time, however, to visit some Afghan vendors who present their goods at the shops and bazaars nearby.  I will be looking for souvenirs of my special trip to Afghanistan!

This country has much to offer. The Afghans present fine gemstones, hand carved wood and lapis lazuli products, And beautiful rugs.  They have much trade with other countries and also offer silks, pewter and marble products. I have met several very talented artisans. We even attended a "silent auction" to raise money for an art school.

There recently was a celebration of Afghanistan's independence. I got the opportunity to sample some flavorful traditional dishes.  We are treated like guests and are welcomed by many as helpers and healers.
I miss home, but I do feel welcomed and needed here at my "home away from home."

-- Capt. Judy Izard, Army National Guard



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