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You're Not Funny

Judging by many of the posts on this blog, a number of you feel as if you're auditioning for the Comedy Channel. Here's a tip: You're not funny. Don't get me wrong. I do get a charge out of some of the back and forth banter that shows up here. I'm all for a good dustup between two people with strong opinions, even if it goes over the edge at times. But the guys who spend their time straining to be clever, posting lists that are really weak and signing other people's names -- Larry Felser, Jerry Sullivan, etc.? Really, when I read those I lament the very existence of these kinds of forums. It gives dim-witted types the idea that anyone can sit down for five minutes and write something that the average person wants to read. It's not that easy. That's why the blog can be a pain in the ass for me at times. I spent 25 years writing for a living and it can be an excruciating process to produce 10 readable paragraphs -- and I often fail, as I would readily admit. So do us all a favor. If you really think you're the next Letterman, spend a little more time working on your material. The only people who think it's funny are dull intellects like yourself. In no way am I trying to discourage comments about the MisterRogers tweed jacket. I love that stuff and I've been trying to get management to change the picture for months. I do have a sense of humor. So do more to live up to it, guys.


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