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Fichtner Explains Cameo in "The Dark Knight"

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. -- William Fichtner, the Western New York actor who currently is starring in Fox's "Prison Break," also has a cameo in the new "Batman" movie, "The Dark Knight."

In an interview here, Fichtner explained that he was asked by writer-director Christopher Nolan – who he knew through a mutual friend -- to play a bank manager in the opening scene in which the audience meets the Joker played by the late Heath Ledger.

“I haven’t seen it,” said Fichtner. “It is the first five or six minutes. ... Chris called and asked me a year and a half ago. He said, ‘we’re going to start off the film with this… would you play this opening cameo.’ I said, ‘Send me the pages.' I read it and thought it was really cool."

Understandably, Fichtner didn't want to ruin the surprise of what happens but he gave a clue.

“It is a very different sort of bank manager,” explains Fichtner. “When they break in my bank, I have a reaction to it that is not your typical bank manager.”

The scene enabled Fichtner to get a glimpse of what Ledger was going to do with the role.

“What a sweet guy,” said Fichtner. “I’m a fan of his. It was kind of cool to get a glimpse of what he was thinking…. I was impressed… I hear he is amazing in the film.”

More on Fichtner and "Prison Break" in a future edition of The Buffalo News.

-- Alan Pergament

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