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The other side of Afghanistan

It is the "Pharmacist in Boots" just touching base with you with an "update from Afghanistan." I am working late as usual and am trying to catch up on e-mail that is always behind.

I realize that the general media gives you information on major events that occur here. I am hoping that you receive a balance of positive and negative. Terroristic activities are horrible and devastating, but there are just as many stories about the good of the people and altruistic activities. I rarely get to see the optimistic reports, but some media like the Buffalo News allow this positive message to be heard, too. For that I am grateful.

I want to mention two examples of the good I have seen here in recent days. One example is how a family reacted to their child being treated in the medical clinic. The family brought a feast of food to thank the care providers for taking care of their loved one. One must understand that food here is very, very expensive and the people are very poor.

Another example is how a village showed respect for soldiers by sheltering their remains from attack by thieves, terrorists and animals after the soldiers were killed. One must understand that these villagers put their own lives on the line as they protected these fallen comrades.

No names will ever be given by me, but the stories are real and are dear to my heart. Tears come to my eyes every time I think of these people, especially when I miss my own family so much. My family and families like mine are sending care packages for us and for the families of Afghanistan. I want to publicly thank all of you for everything you are doing to support your soldiers at home and in theater.

This is a bittersweet visit to a country still ravished by war. I just wanted to give you a little glimpse at a different aspect of my life here in Afghanistan. Thanks for reading and listening,

-- Capt. Judy Izard



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